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Welcome to the online payment site for the application of Voucher code from Mali

Whether you live in Europe or the US, you can safely pay your fee for Voucher code on this site.

Your payments must be made in EUR.

Simply click the button below against Payment. At the end of the process a unique ID number and staff will be generated and sent to the email address you provide below cons.

This unique and personal Voucher Code must be printed and provided to the enlistment center along with all other required documents.

The list of file repository sites are located in the menu on the right of this page.

ATTENTION : No REFUND may be requested following the payment.

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We have implemented the payment MANDATORY 3D-Secure
(also called ) which is a payment authentication system to enhance security while shopping online.
Upon payment, and after entering your card number, a page managed by your bank appears to authenticate (by sending an SMS, your birth date, or other personal codes, ...).
WARNING : Check with your bank that your card is 3D-Secure and any questions (getting the code, loss, modification ...) and the authentication procedure, contact your bank.
LEMONWAY is our banking and financial partner to secure your credit card transactions.

You encounter a problem with your payment,
you can check your Online help.

We LemonWay partners, authorized payment institution by
ACPR in France on 24/12/2012 under the number 16568J.